Are you a web developer, business executive or entrepreneur trying to plan all the details? It can be overwhelming. You may as well add professional juggler to your resume with all the roles you handle. Or, you can consult with a professional copywriter.

Running a business means you need to write — a lot. Think landing pages, marketing emails, product descriptions, business proposals, catchy hashtags, and beyond. Suddenly, the I’ve-been-writing-since-elementary-school-I-can-do-this mindset fades out, and a new reality sets in. You’re now faced with outdated “best SEO practices”, brand voice creation, and research marketing. Are you short on time? Patience? Words? If you’re not the type to, well…type, then below you’ll find reassuring news.

Please let us preface this by saying you should carve out writing time. Do this daily if you can. Writing improves thinking, mood, empathy, and goal setting. Our team would encourage everyone to read and write as much as possible.

Our personal energy is a precious resource. If you want to spend your time building up other facets of your business, then do that. Preserve your energy for where it matters. You can hire a copywriter to take care of all the nitty-gritty when it comes to expressing your brand’s voice. Now, let’s breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Web writers are pioneers when it comes to studying and employing research-driven strategies that optimize search engine rankings. This highly creative skillset is developed through dedication, practice, and research. Good web writing is readable and friendly; fantastic web writing connects with your target audience. (Hint: you want to be fantastic. Right?)

The Google machine — and the lesser utilized search engines — have developed information systems to decipher between longtail keywords vs. high-quality user experiences. The search engine seeks to balance relevance with popularity in order to index pages, then return the best algorithm to net surfers.

If you want a wildly successful presence in the digital world, collaborating with a content copywriter is a smart move.

Writers Write For Humans, Not Just Machines

The internet is a platform designed to connect us socially. People are looking to exchange positive social currency within this framework. Therefore, humans are the consumers doing the reading, while the search engine is crawling after this demand. A copywriter is part scientist, part artist. The goal is to create promotable content that’s aimed at influencers who will share your links. Copywriters can pepper in those essential keywords organically while adding an influential flavor to the prose. The end result should be something your intended reader will want to share. Nourish your influencers with strategic writing that generates backlinks, and the search engines can reward you in return.

Writers Enhance Your Work

What do Elton John and Harry Houdini have in common? If you said they’re wildly entertaining, then you are correct. If you said they both hired writers to elevate their work, then you get extra credit. These creative minds knew expanding their network would lead to famous songs and well-loved books with dog-eared pages. Great writing distinguishes your brand from the rest, clarifies your core mission, and boosts your sales.

Writers Find New Ways To Make Messages Stick

Ask 5 teachers to explain a complex concept. You will probably get 5 different angles that boil down to a shared truth. Hence, we all have a signature style when it comes to communication. Wordsmiths are constantly finding new ways to express old ideas through an aesthetic lens. And since we’re willing to put in the research hours, you can count on copywriters to deliver promotable content. Just as someone will turn off music that’s out of rhythm or screechy, people will tune out a message riddled with poor grammar and uninspired storytelling. Having a writer on your side provides access to high levels of human ingenuity and critical thinking.

Writers Love To Give A Good Referral

Ultimately, writers want to connect with their readers. Like you, writers seek to build relationships by communicating ideas. Our way with words puts us in touch with interesting projects, allowing us to write about innovative designs and cutting-edge research. Think of us as the first responders when it comes to relaying information. As such, establishing a professional relationship with a writer optimizes your potential for a useful referral.

Pop quiz time. The next time you need words to populate your website and other marketing nook and crannies, do you:

a.) Try to cut costs by writing the content yourself

b.) Find out which of your friends aced Honors English 101

c.) Hire a skilled, smart-working wordsmith with a delicious writing style

We encourage you to think along the lines of the last option. A worthy cause can’t speak for itself; that’s what copywriters are for.

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