Doctor of Chiropractic
Rachel is a natural at connecting people and cultivating a steady flow of writing that brings emotion to the forefront while distilling thoughts down a series of personal thoughts to their core meaning. I brought her an amorphous mass of writing and she infused it with needed cohesion and gave it an exquisite structure. In the end, it became a true Eulogy. It was everything I wanted to say, and it was written the way I wanted to say it. I have such an appreciation for what she did. So many people told me at the Memorial and beyond, they thought my speech was the best one of the night. It sincerely warms my heart to have honored my Mom and Dad with our words. Rachel should be helping people like me all the time. I wish her many clients who have a very personal need like mine. I know I will treasure and appreciate what she did for me for the rest of my life.