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When I met Rachel, I was very impressed with her background, graduating from UC Berkeley and pursuing a career as a trained copywriter. Something about Rachel intrigued me to learn more about her. Finding a good copywriter who is actually a good writer is difficult these days. There is a lot of bad copy out there. As a publicist, I need exceptional writers to add to my team, so I set up a meeting with Rachel and I was blown away with her work. I gave her a project to write a bio for one of the bands I represent and she did a phenomenal job. From there, I had her revamp the copy on my website and again I was blown away at how well she captured my brand’s voice. To be a good writer you have to listen to your client and she does more than that. She dives right in, she asks the right questions, she gets really into knowing the real you. I can go on and on about Rachel and her performance. I now hire Rachel for projects, and I highly recommend her for content creation.

Raquel Figlo

Raquel Figlo Public Relations

Working with Rachel has been fantastic! She assisted our company in revamping our marketing pieces. Her dedication to making sure everything was accurate and agreeable to me. We will continue to work with Commas & Commerce for future content and refer others for your wonderful expertise. Thanks again!

Tim Altman

Only Medicare Solutions

If there was one word that encompasses Rachel, it would be transparency. In any successful relationship trust, honesty, and transparency is extremely important and she exudes just that. There is nothing I don’t trust Rachel with in my business and in our friendship. She has most definitely become someone I lean on for advice both from a personal and business perspective. Rachel is not only an incredible writer and content strategist, but she also is my cheerleader and champion—always having my best interests in mind. Not sure if I will ever be able to live without her!

Lyndsay Soprano


Rachel is a natural at connecting people and cultivating a steady flow of writing that brings emotion to the forefront while distilling thoughts down a series of personal thoughts to their core meaning.

I brought her an amorphous mass of writing and she infused it with needed cohesion and gave it exquisite structure. In the end it became a true Eulogy. It was everything I wanted to say, and it was written the way I wanted to say it. I have such appreciation for what she did.

So many people told me at the Memorial and beyond, they thought my speech was the best one of the night. It sincerely warms my heart to have honored my Mom and Dad with our words. Rachel should be helping people like me all the time. I wish her many clients who have a very personal need like mine. I know I will treasure and appreciate what she did for me for the rest of my life.

Travis Tucker


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